What factors do you consider when purchasing whisky? One might be ABV. How much does the strength of a whisky affect your preference? How much more or less do you like cask strength vs 40% ABV? Is there a sweet spot somewhere in between? If you asked me, I would have said I prefer cask strength much more. But the chart below tells me otherwise. The horizontal axis is the ABV and the vertical axis is my personal score and each dot is one Whisky. There is no significant correlation between the score and strength! (Ok, Yes, technically there is a slight increase in preference with increasing ABV but the uncertainty of the slope is greater than the change over the span of data.) This is useful when purchasing new whisky. Now when I am considering two different whiskies I know I should not place undue weight or pay more for cask strength.

Posted by WhiskyRanked at 2023-06-11 05:12:37 UTC