I recently discovered that La Alazana is a distillery in the Argentinian Patagonia that claim to be the creators of the first Argentinian single malt. They grow their own barley, and have a Patagonian peat source. https://www.laalazanawhisky.com/ Just today I found an article - only available in Spanish, apologies - that documents the relocation of some of their whisky to an Argentinian, Antarctic island military base after 5 years maturation in Patagonia. The whisky is expected to be at a latitude of 64° S for 2-3 years. https://guarda14.losandes.com.ar/noticias/una-destileria-argentina-creo-el-whisky-mas-austral-del-mundo/ Have any community member(s) tasted their whisky?

Posted by Juan Cruz at 2023-05-23 14:53:30 UTC