Tonight’s Tipple #003 Glendronach 15 yo “Revival” (Rachel Barrie). 46%, natural colour, From Pedro X and Oloroso casks. I bought this locally for $99 American, then discovered it was -$20 in the shop down the road. So, the going price in NJ is $80 + tax. For reference, the 12yo is around $55. PREAMBLE: So this is another in the category of “Blame Ralfy”. I was intrigued by his discussion it whether it not GlenDronach was or was not chill filtering, and whether that was actually meaningful given that not adding chill before filtering might be moot if the filtering was done in the winter. Very interesting podcasts, these. ANYWAY .… The bottle is reviewed at being 1/3 full. COLOUR: beautiful copper red that is maintained all the way to the rim with little if any drop off. NOSE: the nose has a subtle austerity that aspires to the box description …perhaps. I love the phrase “hints of”. In my mind it means “I think I may have smelled this once as I passed the glass under my nose, but wait..”. So this has a definite well/integrated sweetness, sherry, a hint of orange liquor, and a little EtOH. Menthol? No peat or smoke. Overall, I find the nose closed and a little disappointing for a 100$ bottle. PALETTE: very integrated and initially sweet with some cheek dryness although no overt tannin. Cleverly put together, this. This is a “whole mouth” whisky. Warm rather than spicy. Long and maintaining the same flavors. These flavors are not definable to me. No peat or smoke. Sherry. Nothing truly individual here, just a warm sherried very pleasant, ‘sip-again’. “Nice” CONCLUSION: I am enjoying this, but don’t think I’d buy it again, there are too many others that cost $100 and are more interesting. What do YOU think?? ScotShot out!

Posted by ScotShot at 2023-05-05 03:13:28 UTC