Tonight’s Tipple #002 Compass Box, The “Glasgow Blend” I bought this locally at $40 American. I have been exploring various blended malts, with emphasis on Compass Box and Douglas Laing, because they are widely available here in NJ and don’t (often) cost the earth. It’s also interesting because there are obvious comparisons: “Big Peat” v “Peat Monster”, “Wee Scallywag” v “The Spaniard”, for example. These can be broadened: “Naked Malt” v “Scallywag” for example and “Peat Monster” v the official “Caol Ila” offerings and so on and so forth… ANYWAY… The Glasgow Blend is a 35% cask matured grain, 65% assorted malts blend, including a total 18% from Laphroaig. It’s offered at 43% and non chill-filtered. You can read about it, here: Here are my thoughts, from the bottle half-full. COLOR: mid-colored orange-gold. Very appealing. The color is even to the rim. It’s a good start. NOSE: initially there is peat and smoke. You can appreciate that 18% Islay for sure, but it was more apparent in the earlier pours than the more recent. What has come forward is a mild mocha, which is very nice, and also pear. Underneath there is a young grassiness, too, and an undercurrent of soft, white tropical fruits such as lychee or dragonfruit. Orange? A definite oiliness on the nose that is interesting. PALETTE: There is a moderate mouthfeel. This is definitely not “thin”. It is quite “front of mouth”. There isn’t really any rawness. The EtOH is integrated and not aggressive. It is soft and round and fruity in the mouth. Orange. Lychee. Sweet. No red fruits. Not tannic or drying on the cheeks. Quite long. Mildly peppery. Appealing and more-ish. CONCLUSIONS: this is an interesting whisky that has gotten better as it moves down the bottle. It’s an easy dram for sure and worth the $$. AFTERTHOUGHTS: Interestingly, the next morning nose of the empty glass was distinctly bonfire-ashy, although I couldn’t see that as I was sipping. What are YOUR thoughts? ScotShot out!

Posted by ScotShot at 2023-05-04 01:00:04 UTC