Wow, The 101 Club from Hudson, Quebec really knows how to throw a humdinger of a tasting! Last night they celebrated their first face to face nosing since the start of COVID. We began with a wonderful and symbolic club bottling and then had a mystery scotch that I would never would have guessed was an old Ardbeg as it was produced during a different time. Next up was an in incredible old blend deconstruction with this blend only consisting of one single malt from a closed distillery and two grains whiskies (one from a closed distillery). We then finished up with a 25 YO Glen Grant and a recreation of an old Macallan (backstory - the bottle that MCallan based it on turned out to be a fake. Wow, I’m still disgusting what an exceptional event that was.

Posted by tyrone.cotie at 2023-04-30 11:04:34 UTC